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Arc Flash Protection Blanket 15kA (48" x 60") Salisbury ARC45-15

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Arc Flash Protection Blanket 15kA (48" x 60") Salisbury ARC45-15
The Arc Suppression Blanket is used as a barrier for protection from the explosive and incendiary effects of electrical arcs and flashes. These hazardous electrical discharges can be caused by faults in cables, in cable splices and joints, and at transformer terminals, or they may be generated by the operation of switch gear, circuit breakers and lightning arrestors. The blanket can be used for worker protection in undergroundvaults, switchyards, and other locations where electricalequipment poses a risk of exposure to explosive electrical discharges. The 15kA blankets (Sample Shown Here) include convenientloops and the 40kA blankets include grommets to easily keepthe blanket in place. Properly installed APB’s can reduce the risk of injury from theblast and heat. They do not provide any personal protection forhearing, eyes, smoke inhalation, hazardous gas inhalation, or burns.
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Product Type Arc Flash Protection
Sub Category Type Arc Protection Blankets
Product Size 4'
Warrenty Period NA
Stock Location Dubai
Shipping Cost AED 10.00
Manufacturer Number ARC45-15
Dimensions 48" x 60"
Certification EU
Free Shipping By Seller NO
Goods Condition Collectible - Acceptable
Accessories Storage Bag and Tie Straps
Features NA
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